Quality Guarantee


Quality Guarantee

1.The Selection of led

Red,Green and Blue light emitting diode (LED) lamps should be the same grade, height and wavelength on the same display.The height or Red ,Green and Blue light from light emitting diode(LED ) lamps at the proportion  of R:G:B=3:6:1

The chips were imported from Optotech Cree/ Nichia are adopted;Adopted automation solid crystal,light split,bonding wire,bagging;


2. Reliability Test

In order to avoid the potential defects caused in the design and production  , we conduct a series of reliability test such as the electronic performance test for the semi-finished products , the anti dust test, the waterproof test , the anticorrosion test( salty spraying test ), the vibration test and thermal shock tester etc.

 The reliability test for the semi-finished products: Before gluing semi-finished modules , more than 48 hours aging should be made in the high temperature for all the modules , After QC inspection ok then can package it.The reliability  test for the finished products.: After assembling finished modules to the led cabinets and simulating the assembly for the whole cabinets , we keep them aging for more than 72 hours , if no defects found , then we will  delivery goods to our customers .

The waterproof test : During the rainy seasons , the waterproof performance for the outdoor led display  is quite important. the performs high-press water spraying as well as against the front cabinet to ensure, if waterproof  test in good conditions , therefore , protection rate can reach IP65

The anti corrosion test : In order to ensure the reliability  of anti corrosion of the PCB and cabinet , hence the salty  spraying test must be made during the productions  

Vibration test : For different kind of screens , in order to ensure the reliability of transportation and moving , therefore , the simulated vibration test must be conducted .

The environment test : The real outdoor environment can ensure the effects of display in factory are the same as the spot effects


3. Quality Management

Implement 5 s site management, general SPC statistical process control methods   Through the ISO9001, CE, ROHS, FCC certification  Perfect quality, IQC, IPQC, OQC, LQC, QA engineering, QE engineering and supplier management


4. Service and Guarantees

Services Before-sale:

Set a special telephone line to resolve the confusion from clients  and supply free technology services by telephone. 

Consider the demands of clients carefully , study the situation of the installation condition , Team up the related staff and workers promptly , give clients design program  details to help them choose the products which  they wanted as soon as possible.   

Service In - sales :

Try the best to meet the reasonable demands by clients Provisional  changed .Keep close touch with the clients during the period if installation .Cooperate friendly with the clients, satisfy the clients with the best quality  of led display .

Service After-sale:

Mykas Led offer 1-2 years guarantee, and whole life maintenance, free charges . we just charge materials cost only if products out off guarantee.

You can down load and upgrade the related operating software of Led display freely from our company website , so as  to resolve  the problems when you use our led display .

Check the quality  of appliance , do maintenance job and ask good suggestions form clients on a regular time schedule .


5. Customer Service

1) Guarantee Time: Within 1-2 years after delivery form factory

2) Maintenance Coverage : LED modules,Power supply ,Control system and other  accessories  ( This warranty exclude accessories purchasing form other  factory )

3)  Maintenance Mode :

    By returned maintenance  , through express or by other way

4) Response time for maintenance :

Return mode: after receiving the returned products, we will repaired them within 24 hours and send them back to the user;

Telephone or internet mode: we will contact user within 2 hours after getting informations and give solution within 8 hours;

On-site mode: ( only for user inside china ) after receiving  maintenance request , we will respond within 48 hours to user in Guangdong province; 72 hours to user outside Guangdong province, In the case of some special conditions , problems could be solved on the basis of friendly negotiation between two parties.


6. Upgrade Service :

 Unschedule,we will upgrade our system of products without  extra formal; we'll do our best to help  users with upgrading ; the following conditions are excluded by this warranty :   

Without approved documents;

Series code on products having been torn or changed ;

Damage caused by lighting strike or electrical problems;

Risks caused by irresistible incidents includes all kinds of natural disasters, fire, wars, policy changes, and some other human error accidents.  

Users or third party refit or repaired by themselves  without Mykas's permission ;

Water intrusion or corrosion caused by improper keeping or operating ;

Over period of free maintenance .


7. Products exchanged  or returned  :

we supply our products strictly according to the contract list , if the quantity or specification doesn't  meet our contract list,  the buyer can give objections within 3 days after received the products , we'll exchanged after company confirmed.


8. Casual damage situation:

We can provide corresponding  fittings without extra fee when improper operation or unexpected artificial damaged arise .


9. Over Guarantee time :

You only have to pay maintenance cost such as labor costs , spare parts costs  and round-trip costs !

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