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Giant mini LED display screen: a revolution in the world of giant screens?

Giant mini LED display screen: a revolution in the world of giant screens?

October 25, 2023

The development of Mini LED solutions is revolutionizing the world of screens. This technology, first designed for smartphones, allows the LED screen market to be developed even further.

Mini-LEDS advantageously replace LEDS in the backlighting system by being smaller, maintaining  low energy consumption , low heat emission, etc. These are reduced versions of old incandescent bulbs, forty times smaller than classic LEDs. These tiny, bite-sized devices consist of a green chip containing red, blue and green components that emit white light.

This new generation of mini-LED technology promises to bring screens with a higher level of brightness , thanks to the use of hundreds of thousands of tiny LEDs arranged in clusters. Increasing the number of LEDs does not increase power consumption, because mini-LEDs consume less than conventional LEDs.

The most important advantage of mini-LED panels is their ability to offer a large display area with good black levels while maintaining a wide color gamut through the use of quantum dots. This combination allows a perfect match between image quality, a high level of brightness and the saturation level.

Giant mini LED screen

A "giant mini LED screen" might seem like a contradictory term, but it refers to a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world of large-format displays. Mini LED technology is an advancement in LED display technology that offers several advantages over traditional LED screens, especially when it comes to creating large screens. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Mini LED Technology: Mini LED technology involves using smaller LED chips to create a display. These smaller LEDs are typically around 100 micrometers in size, much smaller than traditional LEDs. This enables greater precision and control over the display's brightness and color accuracy.

  2. Improved Image Quality: Mini LED screens can offer enhanced image quality with deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and improved contrast ratios compared to conventional LED displays. This is because mini LEDs can be densely packed behind the screen, resulting in more localized control over lighting zones (often referred to as local dimming), which reduces the blooming effect seen in some other display technologies.

  3. High Resolution: The use of mini LEDs allows for screens with high pixel density, which can result in high-resolution displays. This is particularly useful in applications like large-scale video walls or giant displays where viewers may be close to the screen.

  4. Durability: Mini LED displays tend to be more durable and have a longer lifespan than traditional LED displays. The smaller LEDs are less prone to burnout or degradation over time, leading to better long-term reliability.

  5. Energy Efficiency: Mini LED screens can also be more energy-efficient because of their improved control over brightness levels. This can be important for applications where power consumption is a concern.

  6. Competitive with Other Technologies: Mini LED technology is being seen as a serious competitor to OLED displays, especially in the large-screen market. OLED screens offer excellent image quality and are often used in smaller displays, but mini LED technology can potentially offer similar quality at a lower cost and with fewer concerns about burn-in.

  7. Gaming and Entertainment: Mini LED screens are becoming increasingly popular for gaming and entertainment purposes, where high-quality visuals are crucial. They can provide a more immersive experience for gamers and movie enthusiasts.

  8. Commercial and Professional Applications: Beyond consumer applications, giant mini LED screens are also finding use in commercial and professional settings, such as digital signage, museums, retail environments, and more.

Many LED screen manufacturers have invested massively in Mini LED technology, such as Epistar, Lextar, San'an Optoelectronics... Giant screen manufacturers are not left out like Leyard, Samsung or Daktronics. Mini-LED screen technology allows you to clearly see the display up close , even in direct sunlight thanks to its innovative lighting !

mini led and micro led screen

The mini LED is also very suitable for the design of curved screens and it is 7x more resistant than the classic LED!

This new screen technology is beneficial for large screens, thanks to the mini LED it is possible to offer satisfactory screens with high image quality that compete with LCD technology screens, but with a higher level of colorimetry deeper , ever thinner screen thickness and the integration of HDR and augmented reality.


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