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Rental Events Stage Background

Rental Events Stage Background

August 09, 2023

Mykas stage LED comprehensive solution meets the needs of different events, such as fashion show,car show,concert,activity ceremony, 


This solution includes LED floor screen, special LED screen and outdoor/indoor LED screen that make it easy and clear for everyone to 

watch the live performance, allowing the performers to immerse themselves. And no matter when you shoot the event LED screen, the content 

of the LED display remains clear and beautiful, and the audience is more willing to share the event scene, thus improving the experience of the event.

 Rental Events Stage Background LED Display Screen

Visual performance

Create a fully immersive experience through video, pictures, and sound performances.

Virus expandation

Bringing a fresh feeling, more intuitive involvement, and willingness to share with others.

widely used

It can be used both indoors and outdoors for greater flexibility, depending on the event’s needs

High Resolution High Quality led display

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