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Sphere Las Vegas debuts largest LED screen in the world

Sphere Las Vegas debuts largest LED screen in the world

September 06, 2023

largest LED screen in the world

The MSG Sphere in Las Vegas has marked American Independence Day with a spectacular display on its huge LED screen.

The structure’s 55,700sq metre exosphere – the world’s largest LED screen – displayed a series of alternating images on 4 July including a stylistic stars and stripes, a floral pattern and multi-coloured fireworks.

Although testing began on the MSG Sphere’s exterior screens in January, this was the first time the programmable LED light panels had been fully operational.

The MSG Sphere – which is 150m wide and 90m high, and has cost $2bn to develop – is the tallest spherical structure on Earth. The light panels have been manufactured by Montreal-based company Saco, which built the world’s largest LED facade on the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai.

Hello World

For its spectacular Independence Day debut, Exosphere displayed a welcome “Hello World” message followed by fireworks and stars-and-stripes animation before transitioning through visuals demonstrating the unparalleled LED canvas, including underwater scenes and highly-detailed lunar surfaces.

the largest LED screen on earth

The Sphere Studios team also worked with 7thSense to deliver programming onto the Exosphere, using their advanced media server, pixel processing, and show control technologies, in continuation of a decade-long partnership with MSG.

Irish rock band U2 will launch the venue with the U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At The Sphere series of concerts this autumn.

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