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How to choose the correct LED display types ?

How to choose the correct LED display types ?

November 17, 2023

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Speaking of LED displays, everyone must be very familiar with them, but many customers don’t know which type of LED display

is the most suitable during the installation process. We will make some professional opinions to guide the correct selection.


LED small pitch screen

Generally, those with lamp bead spacing less than P2.5 are called small-pitch displays. Small-pitch displays usually use

high-performance driver ICs. They are high-brightness, seamless, lightweight and flexible, and take up little installation space.

They can be used horizontally and vertically. Seamless splicing in the vertical direction!

Small-pitch LED screens are mainly used in commercial areas, such as corporate conference rooms, chairman's offices,

online video conferencing, and information presentation needs in schools and educational institutions.


LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen is a display with high light transmittance, which is thin, transparent, and plays transparent and

brilliant images. It is mainly used in architectural glass curtain walls, showcases, stage choreography,

large shopping malls and other fields.


LED rental screen

The LED rental display screen is a display screen that can be disassembled and installed repeatedly.

The screen body is light and thin, saving space. It can be pieced together in any direction and size to present various

required visual effects. LED rental display is suitable for various theme parks, bars, auditoriums, grand theaters, parties,

building curtain walls, etc.


LED creative special-shaped screen

LED creative special-shaped screens are modules made into various customized shapes and then assembled into different

shapes. LED creative special-shaped displays have unique shapes, strong rendering power, and a strong sense of artistic design,

which can produce shocking visual impact and artistic beauty. The more common LED creative displays include LED cylindrical

screens, spherical LED displays, Rubik's Cube LED displays, LED wave screens, streamer screens, sky screens, etc.

LED creative special-shaped display is suitable for media advertising, sports venues, conference centers, real estate,

stages, shopping malls, etc.


LED indoor/outdoor display

LED indoor display screens are mainly used for indoor use. They are generally not waterproof. They have outstanding

display effects and various forms, which can attract attention. LED indoor display screens are commonly used in hotel

lobbies, supermarkets, KTVs, commercial centers, hospitals, etc.


LED outdoor display screen is a device for outdoor display advertising media. Multi-level grayscale correction technology can

improve color softness, automatically adjust brightness, and make transitions natural. Screens come in a variety of shapes to

coordinate with a variety of architectural environments. LED outdoor display screens are commonly used in construction,

advertising industry, companies, parks, etc.

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