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Trends of Outdoor LED Screen

Trends of Outdoor LED Screen

December 08, 2023

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Technology keeps changing and evolving, and the same goes to consumer’s expectations. As with any digital Led display, consumers are looking for sharper, brighter, lighter, higher quality and cheaper-to-maintain LED screen display for outdoor applications.several trends were shaping the outdoor LED screen industry.

1, Higher Resolution and Pixel Density: Outdoor LED screens were becoming more advanced in terms of resolution and pixel density, allowing for sharper and clearer displays even in large outdoor settings. This trend was driven by advancements in LED technology and manufacturing processes.

2, 3D LED screen is a display technology that combines the use of 3D rendered animated videos and specially shaped LED screen display to create the illusion of three-dimensional images, all without the use of professional 3D glasses. The most popular shape employed for 3D LED screen is an L-shape, where there will be two sides of rectangular outdoor LED screens join together at around 90 degrees angle. Several key landmarks and malls around the world have employed such design for the outdoor LED screen. Normal 3D Outdoor LED screen uses flat module design with a right-angle joint that resulted in a black line that separates both sides of the display. Nowadays, new technology enables seamless outdoor LED screen by using a special design outdoor LED cabinet panel that wrap around the corner smoothly without any pixel loss

3, Energy Efficiency: With a growing emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency, outdoor LED screen manufacturers were working to develop more energy-efficient displays. This not only helps reduce environmental impact but also lowers operating costs for businesses.

4, Superior Weather Resistance: A traditional outdoor LED screen has an IP rating of IP65 for the front display area and IP43 for the rear area. The IP rating difference is because of the fact that traditional outdoor LED screen requires opening vents for the cooling ventilation fans to cool down the LED screen’s internals. The active ventilation design inherits another problem which is dust accumulation within the outdoor LED screen cabinet. Therefore, some manufacturers suggest to install an aluminium enclosure to the outdoor LED screen with air-conditioners to mitigate the problems above. This increases carbon footprint and operation costs because air-conditioners and fans require periodic service and maintenance. New outdoor LED screen such as Big Outdoor S series features all aluminium LED module design that enables IP66 rating on both front & rear surface of the outdoor LED screen without any mechanical part. The switching power supply unit and LED receiving card are also fully enclosed in an aluminium compartment with heatsink design. This enables the outdoor LED screen to be installed in any venues with harsh operating environments

5, Integration with Smart Technologies: Outdoor LED screens were being integrated with smart technologies, enabling features such as remote monitoring, content management, and interactive capabilities. This integration enhances user experience and makes management more efficient

6, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Technology: HDR technology, which enhances the contrast and color range of displays, was becoming more prevalent in outdoor LED screens. This improves the visual experience, especially in environments with varying light conditions.

7, Creative Display Shapes and Curves: The flexibility of LED technology allowed for the creation of outdoor screens in unique shapes and curves. This trend was particularly evident in architectural displays and creative installations.


Display technology of Outdoor LED screen keeps on evolving in accordance to market needs. Unlike indoor LED screen, outdoor LED screen design requires proper consideration of shape, resolution, front or rear accessibility, weight, energy consumption, operation and maintenance costs. Selection of a good outdoor LED screen product is essential to the success of a digital display investment. A properly designed product like Mykas Outdoor Led display guarantees long lasting display performance with a peace of mind product ownership

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