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HD Full Color Slim Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display Screen

indoor led video wall
Full Color Indoor Fixed Led Screen Display
Led Advertising Video Wall

HD Full Color Slim Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display Screen

1 The weight of the cabinet is only 6kg, 30% lighter than the traditional iron box, which saves a lot of cost.


2 Anti-knock design to avoid damage to the module, reduce maintenance and improve work efficiency.


3 Maintain the suction cup tool before use, suck the module (the iron plate is installed on the back of the module), easy to disassemble and assemble.


4 High brightness, high contrast, high grey scale.

  • Application :

    Advertising publish, retail store, shopping mall, display of dishes, welcome display, self-service business, exhibition hall, wayfinding, airport, subway, elevator, Restaurant & Hotel Supplies, education, medical treatment
  • Order(MOQ) :

    1 sqm
  • Payment :

    TT / LC, 30% Advance, 70% balance
  • Panel Size :

    1000x250mm 750x250mm 500x250mm
  • Brightness :

    800-1000 nits
  • Shipping Port :

    Shenzhen Port
  • Lead Time :

    7 -15 days
  • Weight :

    6kg per panel

indoor led display

Indoor led screen

full color led display screen

indoor led video wall


The Led adopts integrated molding design of finishing die-casting aluminum, with 2:1 display ratio, high integration internal design, 100% front maintenance.

All parts are customized hot-plug to achieve wireless connection, supporting hot plug, large load, lower power consumption, easy disassembly. Multi-point heat dissipation

holes design make sure for safety, stability and reliability.

Large size LED screen is easy to assemble and time-saving, labor-saving, material-saving, ultra-high cost performance.





M P1.25
M P1.5
M P1.8
M P2.5
Physical Density (dot/m²)
Module Size (W ×H ×D) mm
Module Resolution(W×H)
Cabinet Size (W ×H ×D) mm
Cabinet Material
Die Casting Aluminum
Scanning Mode
Cabinet Flatness(mm)
Grey Scale (Bit)
Protection Level
Brightness Uniformity
Horizontal/Vertical ViewAngle
Contrast Ratio
Module Input Voltage DC
Max Refresh Rate
Input VoltageAC
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Installation/Service Method
Front installation/Front service
  • #
    It is not difficult to find that almost all airports and train station have display screens. These display screens are used to display flight status or train status, making it easier for passengers to view flight/car information. In addition, the airport and railway station have a very large flow of people, and many businesses store will choose to install a display screen for attracting customers and advertising.
  • #
    This display screen can be used for indoor rental event. It is been widely used for large concert or some wedding event rental, if you are an event company, our display screen will be your best choice. The rental cabinet have some handles for easy installation and movement. The side lock design makes the whole screen installation more stable, and it can also increase the flatness of the screen
  • led indoor display in shopping mall
    Shopping mall
    Led Sigange and displays are widely used in shopping malls to advertise. For example, clothing stores , Jewelry store, resteranut, etc, shopping malls can use the screen to show the latest styles or the latest discounts to customers entering the clothing store. It can help the shopping mall to attracts more customers


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1.Seamless Splicing, Super Wide Viewing Angle 160°, Highly Accurate Brightness & Color Consistency   2.Low attenuation,high gray level 16 bit, good stability,anti-static   3.Super High Refresh Rate 7680hz, High Frame Frequency, No Ghosting & Twisting or Smear   4.Front Serviceable Module allows easy Maintenance, Saving 40% Time & Space than normal led screen   5.16 Bit Grey Grade Processing, the color transition will be more natural

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indoor led video wall
HD Full Color Slim Fine Pitch Indoor LED Display Screen

1 The weight of the cabinet is only 6kg, 30% lighter than the traditional iron box, which saves a lot of cost.   2 Anti-knock design to avoid damage to the module, reduce maintenance and improve work efficiency.   3 Maintain the suction cup tool before use, suck the module (the iron plate is installed on the back of the module), easy to disassemble and assemble.   4 High brightness, high contrast, high grey scale.

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Ultra Light & Thin:21.6KG/M2, 46.5mm thickness, first choice to win bidding project                                                           100% front & rear service and double power and signal: Easy to do service from front and rear   Indoor fixed applications such as Temporary stage, TV studio, nightclub & bar, theater, school, conference room, hotel, shopping mall and events etc.

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1. Common cathode directly improves the color decaying(brightness, gamut, color temperature) of  the common anode during the continuous temperature rise stage, and maintains color consistency  at extreme temperatures.   2. Common cathode can improve the active power, and the low voltage(2.8V+3.8V) is used  in the light bead power supply to reduce the useless power of the LED display screen in use,  thus achieving energy saving of 20%-30%.   3. Stability long life time-------Low consumption of electricity to increase the lifetime of LEDs.     4. Energy efficient--------average 180W per sqm, while traditional led display is over 600W per sqm

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Light pole LED screen Product advantage   1. The whole screen can be seamless Mosaic,flatness,there will be no gap   2. Control power supply constant power chip,double capacitance high power.stable heat dissipation,long life,more urable.   3. Use national standard all copper power supply wire,anti-oxidation.anti-aging,waterproof,flame retardant,can be used for a long time without damage .   4. Using 6-pin copper bracket lamp beads,the current uniform brightness.long useful life,beautiful color without shad.   5. Use angle extension technology to ensure the image is not distorted and the color is not distorted.

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1. There are several standard sizes of 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, 500x500mm to fit projects of different sizes   2. Transparent screen: front lighting transparent led screen adopts modular design, with high transparency, energy saving and environmental protection;   3. Can be taken Installation methods such as lifting and standing.

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1 Less weight design With total weight about 15kg per unit, durable enough for outdoor use.   2 High brightness More than 1200-5000cd/m2 brightness but with low consumption   3 Passed Shock test Ensure its operability and safety,we did shock test.   4 GPS fixed-point playback Change ADs by location,such as show KFC video when taxi led sign arrive KFC shop   5 Multi-control method USB/RJ45/Wifi/4G are optional.

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The bus LED display is thinner and lighter. Bus LED display is easy to maintain. Before leaving the factory, we conducted strict quality and aging tests. We offer two-years warranty and lifetime maintenance. The bus LED display has a fashionable appearance.

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Full Color Advertising Video Wall Big Led Panel Screen Display

1.High-precision die-cast aluminum cabinet, seamless unit box, Perfect solution for both outdoor using.   2.Light and strong cabinet design with quick locate handle lock can be quickly and easily assembled in various ways, it can be used in variety of occasions, to meet different customer requirement for a variety of application.   3.Viewing angle assure the screen has wider view area, meet various rent environment and requirement.   4.Uniform screen, real and natural color, high grey scale high refresh rate to ensure the amazing photographic effects

P1.2 P1.5 P1.8 Smart Tv For Meeting
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1. Different size for your choice: 108 inch, 135 inch, 162 inch, 216 inch...   2. 4K HD resolution and 3840hz high refresh rate;   3. Multiply input interface: HDMI, USB, RJ45, Wifi...   4. Installation: Movable (standard)/Wall mounting(optional)/Front maintenance;   5. Application: home, hotel, restaurant, church, school, TV studio, conference room, monitoring center, shopping mall, exhibition, museum, government office center, etc.   6. ON/OFF switch;

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